Founded by Owner/Pâtissier Marius Pop, Nuvrei is a pâtisserie in Portland’s Pearl District, known for skill, sophistication and innovation. Marius Pop worked under François Payard in New York before returning to Portland to open his own shop. Trained in French techniques, Pop uses classic pastry as a platform for modern experimentation and creativity. Nuvrei uses the highest quality ingredients in all of their products, each made carefully by hand.

Upstairs in Nuvrei’s café, customers delight in an array of vienoisseries, cookies, pastries, and sandwiches, as well as Heart Coffee Roasters espresso and housemade chai.

In 2014, Nuvrei opened MAC BAR in the basement kitchen, as a way to invite customers into the workspace and showcase their superb Parisian macarons, known as the best in the city. MAC BAR also serves croissants warm from the oven, baked all day.

Nuvrei is located at 404 N.W. 10th Avenue.

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